About Us

Blaize Events & Media, Inc. (Blaize), established in October 2003 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, was launched to be an event planning entity with the savvy to turn a business event into a precisely executed showcase of clients' know-how, bringing training and social affairs to their staff or customers. We found that there was a need to expand this experience into promoting the events and then documenting them with video and audio production. Our evolution ended in a turn-key advertising dynamo, capable of doing it all and doing it well.

Blaize Events & Media, Inc. has a mission to develop brand positions for key companies and their product lines, utilizing the array of experienced professionals in our arsenal. Our focus is on advertising, marketing, media, web design, video/audio production, graphic design, media relations, and training of various sorts, including media crisis management, sales & marketing, and communications training. We offer our clients Internet marketing penetration — today's opportunity that sends our clients around the world with their ideas and products. We pride ourselves in helping businesses develop a brand that is imbedded into consumer minds. We work to provide effective and efficient results.

Our team of skilled experts are highly qualified with over sixty years combined hands-on experience in all facets of media. We are committed to keeping our vision of being the company that services our clients with "hot" ideas, "hot" means, to get their messages out, and "hot" blazing campaigns to light the fires of consumer enthusiasm. We blaze trails that take our clients wherever they need to be. We beckon you to come with us and allow Blaize Events & Media, Inc. to light flares for your business.

Meet Our Team and Partners

Vivian E. BlaizeVivian E. Blaize – Founder, President & CEO
A veteran of the advertising business, Blaize founded Blaize Events & Media, Inc. in 2003 as an event planning consultant. Over the years, Blaize Events & Media, Inc. evolved to become a full service advertising agency. The successful history of this small business developed into the current move into Internet marketing. Vivian has a MA in Humanities/Communications and a BSBA in Marketing from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Her experience ranges from journalism to sales trainee to account executive to sales manager to marketing consultant to entrepreneur. She understands client needs, motivations, and opportunities.

Blaize is well versed in the “ins” and “outs” of the advertising business. She knows that to survive in what has been a down economy; it takes resolve, tenacity, steadfastness, and faith. Armed with these tools, Vivian Blaize has skillfully maneuvered to bring her business into the Internet Marketing mantra thus transcending the recession quagmire. Your business benefits from this resiliency. Blaize knows how to thrive, get it done, and adjust; important factors in guiding your business to greater heights.

It is this same persistence and commitment that Blaize Events & Media, Inc. has for its clients and their objectives. Blaize has a mission to be the best for, strong for, and dedicated to making Blaize services work for your business opportunities. We intend to “light your flame” to shine brilliantly in your industry.

William Wible - Webmaster and Programmer
Expertly skilled in Website design/layout, XHTML, CSS, SQL and database implementation, implementation languages (.asp, .php, Javascript, etc.), Flash, Web scripting/programming, SharePoint, and graphic design, Sandy designs and manages web sites from start to finish. Develops topology and project direction. Produces graphics, illustrations, eCommerce systems, custom user database / registration systems, custom calendaring systems, and web pages.

Mark Cheater – Writer/Editor/Photographer
An award-winning writer/editor with a keen eye for compelling design and photography, Cheater has extensive experience in publications production and management. Mark is an expert in crafting engaging, targeted text and joining it with compelling images in an attractively designed product, whether in print or online. Cheater has a Master of Science from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York, New York and a BA from Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio.

Alexis Wible – Technical Writer and Editor
Alexis has experience writing for Federal and commercial client, producing materials such as reports, technical documentation, news articles, training materials, websites and collateral material. She has conducted website reorganization and developed content for clients such as the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Office of Law Enforcement Standards, and the Department of Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service (DoD CPMS). Additionally, her work history has provided strong management skills and proficiency as a well-organized supervisor.

Telly Awards of Big Picture, Inc.Jay Udavcak – Big Picture, Inc.
With over 22 years of award-winning post-production design and compositing, Jay understands that the final process of our production process is where the rubber meets the road. Jay keeps up on all cutting-edge developments in the editing world while never wavering from his first goal of effective editing: to tell the story in the most compelling way possible.


Roles: BPI President, Executive Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, DP, Editor, Contract Specialist.

Chris Toll – Big Picture, Inc.
Chris has over 13 years of experience with all things visual, from cutting edge developments in HD camera technology to some of the most sophisticated animation packages available. Chris is an accredited and qualified instructor in multiple software lines, and works as Video Production Manager, seeking out new-hire talent and providing paths of training and development to BPI.

Roles: Producer, Scriptwriter, Production Manager, Animator, DP, Editor and Encoding Technician.

DBE, SWaM, & DMBE, HUD Section 3, Woman-Owned Small Business

Our core areas of expertise include: